About Hope4Horses

Why was Hope4Horses Founded?

The abandonment, transportation, and slaughter of horses in the United States is one of the most inhumane practices in the history of humankind.

The treatment of horses as they are abandoned, sold by the pound, and hauled to slaughterhouses in Mexico and Canada is simply sickening.

  • 138,000 horses, donkeys, and mules were shipped to slaughter in Canada and Mexico in 2011
  • Studies have shown that 96.3% of all horses that go to slaughter are mentally and phsyically sound and capable of continued use
  • Given our tough economic times, many people simply can’t afford their horses and are forced to send them to auction where they end up being sold by the pound for meat
  • The horses are sent from auction to ‘kill pens’ – where they wait for the trucks to haul them to the slaughter houses over the border
  • Many of these horse are desperate for human kindness

Our Mission – To prevent young horses from going to Canadian slaughter.  

Groups like Hope4Horses are being founded across the  country, and many with similar goals. Because we are small organizations with little to no funding, our efforts are most effective if we focus on a specific area. In our case, because we are based in the Northeast, Hope4Horses works to save horses from going to Canadian slaughter.

How it Works

We save horses from slaughter by  purchasing them directly from “Kill Buyers.” We then transport them to our holding facility in New England. When they arrive, they are often malnourished, dehydrated, scared and sometimes even sick. But at Hope4Horses, the process of returning them to useful, happy lives is begun! Each animal is evaluated by H4H board members Dr. Barbara Smith and Dr. Andy Kaneps and put on a structured program of medical care, feeding, handling and exercise.

Once returned to full health, each horse is again evaluated by our board and sent to one of the groups in the Equine Rescue Network who specialize in training and placing the horses in permanent homes.

Since our facility is limited, we often run out of stalls. When this happens, Hope4Horses continues to save slaughter-bound horses by purchasing them from Kill Buyers, but when our barns are full, we bring the horses directly to one of our partner organizations in the Equine Rescue Network.

Hope4Horse (H4H) is a registered 501 (c)3 organization and is staffed exclusively by volunteers and funded by contributions from equine enthusiasts. Hope4Horses is also part of a larger effort called the Equine Rescue Network, a network of active, effective, and experienced organizations specializing in rescuing and re-homing horses of all kinds.

Our Board of Directors

  • Janine Jacques
  • Missy White
  • Tracy Strauss
  • Dr. Barbara Smith Kaneps
  • Dr. Andy Kaneps
  • Cami Beckman

For more information about the Equine Rescue Network, click here.