Volunteer, Foster, Adopt


If you are able to volunteer your time, we would be most grateful. Just send an email to: info@hope4horses.org and let us know what you can do.


If you have barn space for a rescue, and experience owning/handling horses, let us know. There’s no need for a long-term commitment. Many of these horses just need a place to feel safe, get healthy, and start their new lives. A foster home is a great way to help them find hope!  info@hope4horses.org


Wanna be the rockstar of the rescue world? Adopt a horse from any of the organizations in the Equine Rescue Network, and make room for more horses as we bail them out and save them from ever having to step foot on slaughter truck. Click here for a list of rescue groups in the Network.

Be a “Horse Angel”

Each of the H4H horses costs approximately $300.00 per month for customary, routine care. Horse Angels help offset general care costs and help the horses feel loved and appreciated until they find their forever homes. There are no minimums or maximums for Horse Angels, no donation too small or too large.

Select a single horse you want to help, and donate an amount each month to support him or her.  For more information, send email to: info@hope4horses.org.