What Does ‘Hope’ Look Like?

For horses saved by Hope4Horses, ‘HOPE’ starts at the New Holland auction. It looks like a line-up of equines tagged with numbers and tied to a rail as they wait to be sold by the pound.

Then we come along, and others like us. We offer cash for these horses. The ones we think will survive in the trailer on the ride home. Sometimes we also take the ones we know will not make it.

And then…

We bring them to the Hope 4 Horses facility. It is small and by no means fancy. Most certainly imperfect, but it is safe and it is the start to a new journey. A journey which will be very different than their previous one.

This time, HOPE will be the driving force behind the next chapter in these animals’ lives. HOPE is sunshine, fresh air, a kind touch and gentle voice.

We cannot be all things to all horses, but we can be their HOPE. You can, too.

Call, email, or donate today. Even the smallest contribution of time, money, or love helps keep the sun shining their lives.