What Can I Do?

At both the New Jersey and Pennsylvania auction sites, Equine Rescue groups are there to facilitate the rescue of slaughter-bound equines. These volunteers photograph the animals inside the kill pens and then publish the photos, along with basic information about the horse, to the Internet in an effort to rescue them.

So the FIRST STEP in helping to save a horse is simple… just log on to the ‘Net!

Even though you can’t be at the auction site in person, you can buy horses directly from the kill pens with the help of those “embedded” Equine Rescue Groups.

We understand that buying a horse you’ve never seen, by the pound, and with barely any information is an uncomfortable scenario. BUT…the rescue groups who volunteer at the auctions do their best to describe the horses in need, provide a few photos, age, height, and sometimes a brief video.

So yes, buying a rescue horse is a risk, but with a plan and a few dollars, you can do it, and Hope4Horses will help!

Here are a few things you can do:

1. Purchase a horse from the kill pen

2. Offer to foster a horse

3. Donate a couple of dollars (whatever you can spare!)

4. Purchase a horse through the Equine Rescue Network
The Equine Rescue Network  is a collaborative effort of Equine Rescue Organizations (EROs) that specialize in rescue, rehabilitation, and re-homing horses.

Hope4Horses typically focuses on buying young horses from the kill pen.  However, other rescue groups in the Network purchase older horses, many of them suitable for long and happy lives in all kinds of jobs. From family pets to eventers, to barrel racers, and yes a few lawn ornaments.

Hope4Horses works closely with the New Jersey Feedlot Rescue. We suggest you visit their website for a list of horses available.

 Facebook is a great way to stay up-to-date on horses who need saving!

For more information on how to purchase one of these horses, please contact info@hope4horses.org .

We can help you help them!