Finding a Horse

Pennsylvania Kill Pen Horses:

The link below will bring you directly to the listing of horses at the Pennsylvania kill pen. The link is posted by Lisa Darhorad through Facebook. The horses are shipped to Canada on Sundays. In many cases there are multiple photos, a video and a brief description.

3 yo Quarter Horse Filly at Kill Pen in PA - SAVED by H4H

If you care to sponsor one of these horses, please contact Hope4Horses with the identification number. We will coordinate the travel arrangements and offer a quarantine facility.

The non-profit organization working at this facility is Another Chance 4 Horses(AC4H).  They do a great job updating their Facebook page with horses and news. Check it out and see what you might bring home!

AC4H Facebook Page 

New Jersey Kill Pen Horses:

These horses are located in Cranbury, NJ. It is roughly five hours from Boston.

Every Wednesday horses are run through the auction where horses are bought for pleasure/recreation and meat. The meat buyer has agreed to allow rescue organizations to help find homes for the meat horses while they await transport to the slaughter houses in Canada. The transport arrives on Friday evening. Horses that have not been saved by rescuers are then shipped to Canada for slaughter. Horses that are rescued but still at the auction facility are marked as “SAFE” by the non-profit organization serving this facility.

Visit NJ Feedlot Rescue to see current horses in need of safety.

One more step in the process. We make this one easy, too. All horses saved from slaughter auctions must be quarantined for 30 days. If you need help with quarantine, email us. HOPE4HORSES. We offer FREE QUARANTINE services for all rescues.